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UPDATED  –  March 22, 2022:   The senior citizen wellness program, by Heathways and Tivity Health, offers health programs exclusively for Seniors. Membership is covered under most Medicare plans, including AARP Medicare & UnitedHealthCare Insurance.

The Silver Sneakers program is one of the most sought after benefits included with Medicare Advantage plans, as well as a few select Medigap plans, available in all 50 states.  And, best part of it all – it’s FREE!

The program enables senior citizens to enjoy benefits such as weights, bicycles, and swimming, at a level that they are capable of enjoying.

The senior wellness program isn’t just about fitness, it offers a chance to meet people and the chance to create friendships.

Find Silver Sneakers List of Gyms Near Me

It is easy to get involved in a program in your area. The program has locations available at over 14,000 fitness centers throughout the country, making it possible to choose from several gym locations.

Locate a fitness center near you by visiting the main website and entering your zip code in the ‘Find Silver Sneakers Location’ app on the homepage.


With so many locations across the country, it’s easy to find Silver Sneakers gyms near me.  There is a gym for everyone – with everything from small, privately owned local gyms to some of the major national brand name gyms.

A list of some of the bigger fitness centers includes:

YMCA Silver SneakersAnytime Fitness
Gold’s GymLA Fitness Silver Sneakers
Planet Fitness Silver SneakersCrunch Fitness
CurvesSnap Fitness

Are You Eligible?  Check if you’re covered today!

You can see if the health program is covered by your insurance and, if not, which insurance companies provide coverage. To check whether or not your Medicare plan includes the SilverSneakers program, you will need to begin by looking at your summary of benefits.

In addition, check if you can apply for the program under your medicare coverage. Print out a membership card that makes signing up for a program easier and explore your area to find what senior friendly fitness centers are available in your area.

List of Participating Medicare Plans on

Below is a list of some of the top Medicare Advantage plans that participate in the Silver Sneakers wellness program.  Please note, this list is alphabetical and does not include all medicare health plan providers,

  • Aetna
  • Amerigroup
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Coventry Health Care
  • Essence Healthcare
  • Florida Blue
  • Freedom Health
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Medical Mutual
  • Medigold
  • Optimum Healthcare
  • Silver Sneakers AARP Plans
  • Silver Sneakers Humana
  • United Healthcare Silver Sneakers
  • Wellcare
  • And many more. Contact your Medicare Advantage Plan provider to see if you meet Silver Sneakers Eligibility requirements.

Stay Fit with gyms that accept Silver Sneakers

Remaining active is one of the best things Seniors can do to stay healthy. It not only keeps them strong and physically healthy, but it also helps keep their minds sharper and their mood higher.

Unfortunately, most health programs are geared toward younger individuals. The senior fitness centers are taking care of that problem.

In addition, classes are offered at most senior fitness centers. These classes vary, but include Zumba, water aerobics, general exercise and more. The classes are conducted at a more relaxed level, enabling senior citizens to enjoy activities that their younger peers enjoy. This may be the time to take that yoga class you always thought about.

Best of all, the program is free as part of your health insurance coverage or covered under medicare.*

Take time today and step foot onto the path of a healthier future in your golden years. Enjoy some of your old activities or discover some new ones. Your life has always been an adventure. The adventure doesn’t have to end yet!

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—  Click ‘Log In’ to begin your path to becoming a healthier you

Don’t have an account?

Visit the eligibility page to check to see if your health insurance covers the gym memberships as a benefit.

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*Eligibility may vary.  Contact your healthcare provider or local medicare office for further information.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with SilverSneakers, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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  1. I am recently retired at 60 yrs. old. I have Aetna as my insurance company. I remember being sent information about the program (which I can’t find) with my retirement package. What I need to know is, do I have to be 65 or older to receive this membership?

  2. I would like to know why our pool therapy is not covered like Senior Dimensions does. My husband and I tried your free gym membership, but found it was to hard on us. My husbands cardiologist wants him to more active. However, we live in Las Vegas and it gets to hot to walk here in the summer time. So we found water therapy works best for us. We go 4 times a week.

  3. Hi! I would like to know if there is any type of recreation activities for seniors like, bicycling, hiking and other types of activities besides working out in a Gym.
    I’ve worked out all my life and would like to have more of a social type of working out with seniors my age that’s fun and interactive, more on the social level.

    thank you and I will await your reply

    Maria V

  4. I am a member o thru Humana. My wife has Blue Cross/Blue Shield thru her work. We are both retired. Is there a SilverSneakers associate membership that she eligible for under my membership?

    Thank you.

  5. I am 60 years old. I am currently on Medicare and have been for several years due to a disability. I do have a gym in my area (Class 5 Fitness).

    How do I get a card? How can I enroll in a program at Class 5 as soon as possible?

    Thank You!

  6. If my medicare supplemental insurance company does not offer it as a benefit is it possible to purchase a membership?

  7. My TRS Aetna membership was accepted by Lifetime Fitness. Why don’t they accept Sliversneakers? Don’t tell me they need to apply. Is it simply that Aetna was willing to pay better gyms and Aetna doesn’t pay anything in comparison?

    1. I just checked with Lifetime Fitness because I saw that SilverSneakers was a corporate sponsor, but it is not available at clubs in my area. Hmm, should they be a sponsor gyms that do not allow us to participate??

  8. I joined YouFit and Anytime Fitness. Why is YouFit allowed to charge me for full service over my SilverSneakers membership. They have a basic program for $10/month but restrict it to one club and no guests. They are making me pay the balance for the full membership that allows me to bring a guest and use other YouFit clubs. Anytime Fitness does not allow a guest but does allow me to use all other of its clubs. Is this what is allowed under the program?

  9. I’d like to see if I’m eligible…..I have primary as Medicare and secondary-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal. I’m a retired USPS employee.

    1. I would like to order a SilverSneakers Replacement Card and I don’t know my 16 digit number

  10. I received my card and it didn’t have a bar code on it, and it was paper, not plastic like it should have been, how do I get a plastic card that has my code on it? Thanks so much

  11. Will United Healthcare Insurance reinstate SilverSneakers for Texas AARP members? I was so disappointed when they dropped the program in Texas.

    1. as far as I know you only qualify for SilverSneakers under one of the Medicare advantage plans (part C). That’s what I have been told. Gyms vary depending on what plan you have. I am trying to find out myself because I am now enrolling for the first time and need to make a choice. I want to make sure my favorite gym is included.

  12. My insurance no longer includes the SilverSneakers Program. I can take the classes by paying for them individually. What is the cost of membership if my insurance does not pay for it.

  13. Why would you take away the Multi generation center in Apache Junction,AZ . I have been to the others and they are not even close the work out area provided by the Multi Generation Center. We would like to be able to go back there, their equipment is newer and they have a track to walk around., they also have a gym for basketball, volleyball, pickel ball. Thank you for reading this. Robert Reindl

  14. Why can’t LIFETIME FITNESS be included in the program. They have so much to offer. I maintain my membership because the water, sauna, hot tub, steam room and large swimming pools manage my pain. The Y just doesn’t cut it. Keeps me out of doctor!s office.

  15. Hello everyone,
    I’m a 65 year old female looking for a “YMCA” female buddy. I would like to (need to) walk or/and workout two to three days a week and would love a little support.. I have no friends in this area and I’m a little intimidated coming alone.

  16. I am insured by Blue Cross & Blue Shield and only subscribe to Medicare Part A. I don’t know if I am covered for SilverSneakers? Does anyone know?

  17. I’m turning 46 this month…I’m disabled and have Medicare snf Medicaid with United health care dual complete plan
    Do I qualify for coverage at silversneakers or another gym near me I’m in north Chesterfield??

  18. My insurance plan does not have the benefit for silversneakers membership. I am on medicare though.
    I have not seen anything in your literature to help me from this point. Is medicare an automatic membership?

    Thank you

  19. For five years I have been swimming at the YMCA. I have been told they no longer accept silversneakers because of an eight dollar difference in fees. I’ll pay the eight dollars but I can’t afford any more. HELP

  20. I am a member through United Health Insurance. I have a group of ladies meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week for aqua aerobics using noodles I personally purchased. It is not a class scheduled by the gym. I have a problem with the gym. They will not let me or other members use the equipment. They allow non-members to use the equipment. Do you know what the companies view on this unfair practice would be?

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