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Designed for older adults, the Silver and Fit program offers a variety of options to help keep you fit and healthy. It can also help you set and achieve your fitness goals. If you’re interested in joining, you can enroll online.

What is the Silver and Fit Program for Seniors?

Silver and Fit is a health and fitness program designed for senior citizens and other older adults by American Specialty Health (ASH).  The Medicare fitness program allows access to membership from a broad network of gyms or provides everything you need to start your own home fitness program.

After enrolling at, you can view their wide variety of benefits and educational health resources online, including health and wellness classes.

In addition, you can also track your exercise routine through a wearable device or app if you decide to use Silver&Fit Connected plan.  If you prefer not to use their new online resources, you may request they send the plan resources with the Silver Slate newsletter.

Is Silver & Fit the Same as Silver Sneakers?

Both senior gym membership programs work with Medicare as a fitness benefit, but they are two separate companies. Here is a list of Silver Sneakers near me.

Find Silver and Fit Locations –

participating gyms at

Members can also find local fitness centers that participate in the program. To find participating locations, use the Silver and Fit website. You can also search by ZIP code to find a participating location near you.

Among the over 14,000 participating gyms across the nation, including some YMCA locations, you can choose between Gender-Specific Facilities, Exercise Centers, Basic co-ed, and Full Co-ed Facilities.

Some of the more well-known participating gyms are…

  • LA and 24-Hour Fitness
  • Planet Fitness Centers
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Snap Fitness Centers

New gyms are always added to the plan, so check back often.

To find out if a center near you is participating in the program, go to the Silver&Fit homepage, enter your zip code, and search for “All Facilities” to show a complete list of gym centers for members to access.

You will then be able to view the list of participating centers near you to conveniently start working on your exercise routine by taking advantage of community pools, yoga classes, and other potential studios.

Silver and Fit Medicare

Silver&Fit is a Medicare Advantage program, meaning it’s an alternative way to receive Medicare benefits. Medicare-eligible individuals can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, which provides all the same coverage as Original Medicare (Parts A and B) but often with additional benefits, such as routine vision, dental, and hearing coverage.

If a Medicare-eligible individual enrolls in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes the Silver&Fit program, they can receive the program’s benefits as part of their Medicare Advantage coverage.

Can’t make it to the gym? Exercise with Silver and Fit Home Fitness Program!

Silver&Fit is a home fitness program designed specifically for older adults, typically those covered by Medicare.

It provides members access to various exercise equipment and programs, including at-home workout videos and fitness classes, to help them stay active and healthy. The program aims to improve overall physical and mental well-being and improve quality of life.

If you can’t travel to a gym or exercise from home, you can choose from 2 of the 17 home fitness options available on

All specific and necessary equipment to participate in the option of your choice is sent via mail.

Get Fit at Home™

Customized Workout Plans

Set your fitness goal, and Silver and Fit Members will receive a customized 14-day Workout Plan to begin making progress towards your goals.

Exercise Videos On-Demand

Silver and Fit Members have full access to a complete library of workout videos. These videos include a wide range of options, such as Cardio & Dance, Strength & Stretch with Yoga and Pilates, calming your mind with Meditation and turning up the heat with Cycling, and more.

Silver and Fit Home Fitness Kits

Members can select up to one Home Kit per year as an added benefit. Home Kits to choose from are:

  • Fitness Tracker Kits
  • Swim Kits
  • Strength Kits
  • Yoga Kits
  • Pilates Kits
  • Walking/Trekking Kits

Click to learn more about Silver and Fit Home Kits available

Be Part of a Community

Silver and Fit hosts a variety of online workouts on Facebook Live and YouTube; the best part is it’s free for Members and non-members! Try out new Silver and Fit Home Fitness Programs from the comfort of your home and invite your friends to join in on the community fun!

Am I Eligible?  Is this covered by my insurance benefits or Silver and Fit Medicare plans?

The costs for the program are typically included in the monthly premium for the Medicare Advantage plan. The individual may also have additional out-of-pocket costs, depending on their specific plan.

Those interested in joining the Silver and Fit plan must meet only two criteria…

  • Be age 65 or older
  • Be currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement plan.

Silver and Fit Members are generally qualified by their health insurance plan. Kaiser and Medicare are the 2 main providers that automatically qualify you for membership.  Be sure to call Silver and Fit customer service to see if any new providers have been added to the program.

If you already have a plan through Kaiser Permanente and/or supplemental Medicare Advantage coverage, you may be automatically eligible to enroll in the Silver and Fit program.

Silver and Fit Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a health insurance company that offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans, including the Silver&Fit program.

If an individual is enrolled in a BCBS Medicare Advantage plan that includes Silver&Fit, they can take advantage of the program’s features and benefits as part of their Medicare Advantage coverage. The costs for Silver&Fit will be included in the individual’s monthly premium for their BCBS Medicare Advantage plan.

It’s important to note that not all BCBS Medicare Advantage plans include the Silver&Fit program, so it’s best to check with BCBS or the individual’s specific plan to see if the program is included.

Check out your insurance provider’s website to see if the program is part of your medicare benefit plan and if you will still need to pay the annual fee.

If you need extra assistance, you can always call the Silver and Fit customer service team to answer any questions regarding the plan and what Medicare Advantage will cover.

If your health plan or medicare provider does not provide coverage, check out other ways for Seniors to Stay Fit and Healthy.

How to Register for the Silver and Fit Near Me

For new members, signing up is simple. To register for the Silver and Fit program, you must first follow these steps:

  1. Search for a desirable and participating gym center on
  2. Complete the online enrollment for the selected fitness center
  3. Visit the club to complete your Silver and Fit registration and pay for any additional member fees*

During enrollment, you can choose between access to various gym memberships or an At Home Fitness Kit sent to you within 10 days as part of your Silver&Fit plan.

You may also receive a second kit for more variety in your exercise routine.  The kit is sent via mail 90 days after the shipment of the first kit.

Note:  This does not include your annual fee as a Silver and Fit member.

Contact Customer Service –

Call by Phone to:
877-710-2746   (TTY / TDD)


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 509117
San Diego, CA  92150

NOTE: We are not affiliated with Silver and Fit, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is personal. We are merely a resource that provides information.