Same Tech, New Name: 2024 Jabra Enhance Select (Formerly Lively 2) Hearing Aid Reviews

The high cost of traditional hearing aids has many folks looking for affordable alternatives. Lively entered the market in 2019, offering direct-to-consumer hearing aids at an easy price on the wallet. In November 2022, another company bought the Lively brand and rebranded it as Jabra Enhance Select. So what does that mean for Lively fans?

The good news is that little has changed aside from the brand. Jabra Enhance Select models have identical technology, features, and services as their Lively counterparts. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids, including features, models, warranties, price, and consumer reviews.

Pros and Cons of Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids: A Comprehensive Review

Jabra Enhance hearing aids offer the same core technology and natural sound quality that made Lively so popular with consumers. Moreover, the three-year warranty and package of services included with every Lively hearing aid also come with all Jabra Enhance Select models at no additional charge. 


  • Remote hearing care and adjustments
  • Bluetooth streaming from all Apple devices and most Android devices
  • Directional microphones
  • Jabra Enhance app for convenient hearing aid customization 
  • Rechargeable and battery-operated options
  • Fast charging and long battery life on rechargeable models 
  • Available in five colors
  • Generous three-year warranty with loss protection


  • Does not accommodate severe-to-profound hearing loss
  • Limited selection
  • No option for in-person care
  • Only available in Reciever-in-Canal (RIC) style 
  • Streaming doesn’t work on some Android devices, and you may need to purchase an accessory

Bottom Line

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are mid-tier inconspicuous receiver-in-canal devices for users with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. In addition to cutting-edge technology, Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids are bundled with three years of free hearing consultation, loss protection, and remote care. Users love Jabra Enhance’s 100-day money-back guarantee and payment plans. 

Jabra Enhance Select Hearing Aid Models

All Jabra Enhance hearing aids share core features like noise reduction, adaptive directionality, and feedback cancellation, but they differ in technology levels and specs. 

There are three Jabra Enhance Select hearing aid models:

Jabra Enhance Select 50 (Lively Lite): A Basic Battery-Powered Hearing Aid for Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

$1,195 per pair / $39 per month* 

The Jabra Enhance Select 50 is the basic battery-powered model. The 50 is priced well below the other Jabra Enhanced hearing aids, but it’s equipped with less sophisticated versions of  Jabra’s feedback-cancellation and noise-reduction technologies.

  • Receiver-in-canal style
  • Powered by size-312 replaceable batteries
  • Dimensions: 0.99″x 0.57″
  • DFS Ultra II feedback cancellation
  • Noise Tracker II spectral subtraction noise filtering
  • Directional microphones with multi scope adaptive directionality

Jabra Enhance Select 100 (Lively Plus): A Rechargeable Hearing Aid with Music Mode and Extended Frequency Range

$1,595 per pair / $52 per month* 

The rechargeable Jabra Enhance Select 100 is the next step up, featuring a broader dynamic and frequency range than the 50. Unlike the Jabrea Enhance Select 50, the 100 has feedback cancellation with Music Mode. 

  • Receiver-in-canal style
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Dimensions: 1.06″ x 0.55″
  • DFS Ultra II feedback cancellation with Music Mode
  • Noise Tracker II spectral subtraction noise filtering
  • Directional microphones with multi scope adaptive directionality
  • 116 dB input dynamic range
  • 8.5kHz extended frequency response

Jabra Enhance Select 200 (Lively Pro): Advanced Hearing Aid with Environmental Optimizer and Extended Frequency Response

$1,995 per pair / $65 per month* 

The top-of-the-line Jabra Enhance Select device is fully rechargeable and has substantial sound quality advantages over the Jabra Enhance Select 100. It also includes an environmental optimizer feature that automatically adjusts the volume in response to changing surroundings. 

  • Receiver-in-canal style
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Dimensions: 1.28″ x 0.51″
  • DFS Ultra II feedback cancellation with Music Mode
  • Noise Tracker II spectral subtraction noise filtering
  • Directional microphones with multi scope adaptive directionality
  • 116 dB input dynamic range
  • 9.5kHz extended frequency response

*Per month payments listed are the lowest possible monthly payments for those who qualify. Monthly payments vary based on an individual’s credit history and other factors. See the “Financing” section below for a more detailed explanation.

Compare Jabra Enhance Hearing Aid Models

ModelJabra Enhance Select 200 (Lively 2 Pro)Jabra Enhance Select 100 (Lively 2 Plus)Jabra Enhance Select 50 (Lively 2 Lite)
Power SupplyRechargeable lithium-ion batteryRechargeable lithium-ion batteryDisposable size-312 battery
Battery Life30 hours on a full charge30 hours on a full charge3-10 days depending on usage
Frequency RangeUp to 9.5 kHzUp to 8.5 kHzUp to 8.5 kHz
Degree of hearing lossMild to moderately severeMild to moderately severeMild to moderately severe
Hands-free calling
Direct Audio Streaming
Wind Noise Reduction
Impact Noise Reduction
Music Mode
Synchronized Controls
Color OptionsSparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold Warm Gray, Bronze Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold Warm Gray, Bronze Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold Warm Gray, Bronze 
Smart Phone App

Customer Reviews of Jabra Enhance/Lively Hearing Aids: Performance and User Experience

We scoured the internet to see what customers were saying about Jabra Enhance/Lively hearing aids. Most users are pleased with the hearing aid’s performance and are impressed with the easy-to-use smartphone app and efficient remote care facilities.

Jabra Enhance: Affordable, Accessible, and Convenient Hearing Aid Care

Jabra Enance’s entirely online business model attempts to match or exceed the level of customer service offered by in-person hearing clinics by providing its users a full range of benefits. The services included in the Jabra Enhance bundle create a user experience that’s as accessible and convenient as it is affordable.

Jabra Enhance Monthly Payment Plans

If you cannot afford the full cost upfront, Jabra Enhance offers monthly payment plans for qualified buyers through their partner Bread Pay starting at:

  • $39 per month for Jabra Enhance Select 50
  • $52 per month for the Jabra Enhance 100
  • $65 for the Jabra Enhance 200

The above rates assume a 36-month payment schedule. You may also qualify for 0% APR or reduced interest if you opt for a 12 or 18-month, depending on the results of your credit check. 

Reimbursement and Insurance Coverage for Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are eligible for reimbursement through Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending accounts, and any health plan that covers hearing aids. If your health plan includes hearing coverage, Jabra Enhance will provide receipts so you can file a reimbursement claim at your insurance company. 

Before you consult an audiologist, ask your insurance provider if your health plan covers hearing services such as hearing tests, hearing aid purchases, or follow-up appointments.

Jabra Enhance Warranty: 3 Years of Comprehensive Coverage

Lively’s hearing aids come with a three-year warranty that covers factory defects, loss, and damage. You’re entitled to replacement hearing aids with a deductible of $195 during the protection period. 

During the warranty period, you can access the following:

  • Free follow-up appointments
  • Remote consultation with Jabra Enhance audiologists
  • Remote adjustments using the Jabra Enhance app. 

Jabra Enhance’s warranty stands out among competitors. Few other hearing aids come with this kind of protection. 

Jabra Enhance’s 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Like Jabra Enhance’s warranty, the company’s money-back guarantee is also exceptional. While most hearing aids sold online only come with a one-month or 45-day risk-free trial, Jabra Enhance customers can try their devices out for 100 days. 

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can return your hearing aids in that period for a full refund. 

Purchasing Jabra Enhance Select Hearing Aids Online

You can only buy Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids online through the brand’s official website. Before purchasing, you should determine if you would benefit from a set of Lively hearing aids by taking Lively’s free online hearing test, which includes a questionnaire and a 10-minute screening. If you recently got your hearing test, you can upload the results instead of taking the online hearing test.

Jabra Enhance hearing aids can accommodate the mild-to-moderately severe hearing loss. However, those with severe or profound hearing loss might be beyond the help of Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids. Online hearing tests are not comprehensive, so you should consult an audiologist or an ENT physician. If you experience any medical symptoms or sudden hearing loss.

After your order is processed, your Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids will arrive within two to three days if you live in the United States. Users can set up and fit their devices at home, so there is no need to consult a hearing specialist. 

How to Take the Jabra Enhance Online Hearing Test

To take the Jabra Enhance online hearing test, click this link to go to the brand’s official website. You’ll take a brief survey before the test begins. For best results, you’ll need the following: 

  • A laptop or desktop
  • A pair of high-quality headphones
  • A high-speed internet connection 
  • A quiet place with no distractions

Online Hearing Test and Follow-up Care

The online test takes about 10 minutes. You will hear sounds in frequencies ranging from 500 Hz to 4,000 Hz. The screen will display numbers from one to 12. Starting at one, you will tap on each number in succession until you reach the lowest sound you can hear for each frequency. 

After you complete the online test, you will instantly see Jabra Enhance’s assessment of your hearing ability. If you show profound or severe hearing loss, Jabra Enhance will recommend visiting an audiologist for a comprehensive hearing evaluation. 

If you are a suitable candidate for Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids, you can decide if you want to purchase hearing aids. Jabra Enhance’s in-house professionals will calibrate and program your hearing aid based on your hearing test results before they ship it to you.

You can also book a remote initial setup consultation once you receive the hearing aids. Jabra Enhance offers a service package that includes free three-year follow-up care through the Jabra Enhance Select app.

Customer Service and Initial Setup Appointment

The Jabra Enhance customer service department is fully remote and available seven days a week through the Jabra Enhance Select app. You can also call (800) 854 2772 or email the hearing professional team at

You can also request an initial setup appointment through the Jabra Enhance Select app to set up your new hearing aids. 

Jabra Enhance Accessories for a Better Listening Experience

Hearing aids enhance and amplify sounds for individuals with hearing loss, and accessories can take the listening experience to a new level. Like most popular hearing aid brands, Jabra Enhance has developed a range of accessories to improve your quality of life.

What’s included in the Jabra Enhance TV Streamer package?


The TV Streamer add-on lets users stream TV audio directly into the hearing aids. When you connect the device to the TV, the hearing aids will function like wireless headphones. You can stream audio from up to 22 feet away.

The TV Streamer includes:

  • Optical cord
  • Analog mini-jack cord 
  • Micro USB cord 
  • Wall plug
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty and protection plan 

Accessories to Enhance Your Hearing Experience: The MultiMic


The MultiMic is a clip-on microphone that will pick up sounds from the environment and boost your hearing aids’ output. This is especially useful in noisy environments where the speaker is difficult to understand. 

Users can place the MultiMic near the speaker for enhanced speech clarity. The mic will pick up sounds up to 82 feet from the source and transfer them to the hearing aids. The MultiMic also has an in-built telecoil that allows connection to hear loops in public places. 

The MultiMic package includes the following:

  • Micro USB charger 
  • Carrying pouch 
  • Mini-jack cable for connecting to electronic devices and cars
  • One-year warranty with loss and damage protection

Android Phone Clip+: Stream Phone Calls and Audio Directly to Your Hearing Aids


The Android phone clip allows you to stream phone calls and audio from Android phones directly to the hearing aids. It is a small accessory that functions like a remote. You can receive calls and stream audio directly to your hearing aid using the phone clip without even touching your smartphone. 

Many of the most popular Android devices will connect to Jabra Enhance hearing aids without this accessory. Check the list of compatible Android devices before buying this accessory

Charging Case for Lively 2 Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aids


You can use this case to charge Lively 2 Plus rechargeable hearing aids. This accessory is handy when you need to charge your hearing aids on the go. Lively rechargeable hearing aids come with one charging case, but you can purchase an additional one or a replacement if desired. 

Key Features of the Jabra Enhance Mobile App for Hearing Aid Control

All Jabra Enhance Select devices come with a free mobile app that allows you to adjust hearing aid settings and customize your hearing experience. 

The Jabra Enhance hearing aid app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This user-friendly app lets users control hearing aid output and switch between different custom programs. 

The primary functions of the Jabra Enhance smartphone app include the following:

  • Turn hearing aids on and off
  • Receive and stream phone calls directly to hearing aids
  • Stream music and other audio from electronic devices
  • Switch between programs in different listening environments
  • Tune volume and noise reduction using the sound enhancer option
  • Adjust the balance between bass and treble for enhanced music quality 
  • Activate the tinnitus relief mode 
  • Choose between tinnitus masking, sound therapy, or white noise adjustments
  • Access remote support from the Jabra Enhance audiology team
  • Apply professional calibrations to hearing aids
  • Locate misplaced hearing aids 

The Jabra Enhance mobile app significantly enhances the listening experience as users can control the hearing aid output and customize almost every function using their smartphone. 

Benefits of Jabra Enhance’s Affordable Medical-Grade Hearing Aids

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are among the best devices in the affordable hearing aid segment. Jabra Enhance offers customers medical-grade hearing aids at a fraction of what traditional devices cost. All Jabra Enhance devices have advanced technology and streaming Bluetooth capabilities that are rare among hearing devices at this price point. 

Jabra Enhance sells hearing aids directly to consumers, and this all-online business model has several advantages in terms of cost and convenience. At the same time, some people might miss the personal touch you get from an in-person visit. Jabra Enhance attempts to compensate somewhat with extended three-year remote audiologist support via the Jabra app.

While a decline in product quality or customer service can often accompany mergers and acquisitions, Lively’s takeover by the Danish electronics conglomerate GN Store Nord shouldn’t be a cause for concern. GN Hearing was manufacturing Lively’s devices before the buyout, so the transition was relatively seamless.

Furthermore, GN has been in the hearing aid game since the early 1940s and produces several leading global hearing aid brands, including Beltone, ReSound, and Jabra. GN already has a strong lineup of traditional hearing aids, and the Lively acquisition expands its portfolio of affordable direct-to-consumer hearing aid models under the Jabra Enhance umbrella.

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids FAQs

Does Medicare cover Jabra Enhance hearing aids?

Medicare Advantage Part A and B do not cover hearing aids. The Medicare Advantage Part C plans may cover hearing aid purchases and other hearing services, depending on the provider. Before you buy hearing aids, consult your insurance provider to see if you’re covered. However, you can purchase Jabra Enhance hearing aids using an HSA or FSA,

How long is the Jabra Enhance hearing aid warranty?

Jabra Enhance offers a three-year warranty on all hearing aids. In addition, customers get a bundle of services, including loss and damage protection, remote adjustments on the Jabra Enhance mobile app, and follow-up appointments. Lively also offers a 100-day money-back guarantee.