Best Online Hearing Tests for 2024

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An online hearing test is a self-administered hearing screening tool that can be taken from the comfort of your home or office. It is designed to detect the presence of hearing loss and provide a preliminary indication of your hearing ability.

  • Online hearing tests are convenient and accessible
  • They can be taken in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • Online hearing tests can detect hearing loss early
  • They are cost-effective and can save you time and money
  • Online hearing tests are easy to take and provide accurate results
  • They can be taken on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Online hearing tests do not diagnose hearing loss but can indicate if you need further evaluation

I conducted extensive research by taking multiple online hearing tests from the comfort of my own home in order to find the best online hearing test.

Some of the websites I came across labeled themselves as tests, but they were merely questionnaires or a quiz that didn’t provide significant value. As such, I excluded them from the list.

The online screenings included below aren’t perfect, but they’re an excellent starting point if you suspect you have hearing loss and wish to obtain answers from the convenience of your home.

For accurate results, it’s crucial to set up the test correctly, regardless of which one you choose. You’ll require a few items:

  • High-quality headphones
  • A quiet environment such as a closet or bedroom that’s away from street noise
  • Your phone or computer

Best Online Hearing Test

The test instructions are easy to understand, and the interface is user-friendly. The test results indicate your hearing ability in each ear on a scale ranging from healthy hearing to profound hearing loss.

Editors Rating:

  • User-friendliness: 4/5
  • Report quality: 4.5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5
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MDHearing Free Online Hearing Test

MDHearing is a Midwest company that offers a wide array of affordable and high-quality hearing aids with various features. The MDHearing online hearing test is designed by professional sound engineers and takes approximately eight minutes to complete. 

Quite Room. Headphones On.


When the test begins, you will see a set of soundbars with buttons labeled “‘softer” and “louder”  on either side.

Tap the soundbars or use the buttons to set the volume to the lowest level you can hear. Similarly, sounds of different frequencies will be presented to evaluate your hearing.

Mdhearing Free online hearing test

The Results

After the test, you’ll see a graph representing the severity of your hearing loss in both ears. If the test results show hearing loss, consult a licensed audiologist for a more extensive hearing evaluation. 

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Eargo Free Online Hearing Exam

Eargo is a hearing aid manufacturer known for its smart proprietary technology, invisible hearing aids, and personalized smartphone applications. Eargo offers a one of the Best online hearing tests on the web.

The test comprises a questionnaire, setup process, sound calibration, hearing evaluation, and a hearing simulator. 

To prepare for the test, connect headphones to the computer, set the device volume to 50 percent, and calibrate the sound.

If you do not have headphones, you will be directed to a short screening questionnaire which will generate a result based on your answers.  

For sound calibration, the device will play the sound of hand rubbing. You will then have to rub your hands together for 10 seconds about 2 inches in front of your face.

Adjust the volume using the slider to match the volume of your hands rubbing with the audio played by the device. 


The device will present tones of different frequencies. You will be instructed to press the “I hear that” button every time you hear a sound. 

After the test, you’ll be asked to complete a screening questionnaire about your hearing issues. The app will ask about common signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss, such as difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, trouble understanding conversations, and talking too loudly.

Finally, you can use the hearing simulator to experience how you will hear using hearing aids in everyday scenarios, such as spending time out outdoors, watching TV, and sitting in a busy restaurant.

This is especially useful for individuals contemplating whether or not to soundcheck hearing aids.


For your hearing test results, fill in your name, email, and phone number. Your ability will be rated on a scale of one to five. One corresponds to normal hearing, and five signifies severe hearing loss.

The company recommends Eargo hearing aids for individuals with scores from two to four. 


  • User-friendliness: 5/5
  • Report quality: 4/5
  • Overall: 5/5

Audicus Hearing Test Online

Audicus offers a free online hearing test designed by neuroscientists. The test takes about five to 10 minutes and gives instant results via email and free consultation.

Before the test, you must fill in your details on a form. You will be instructed to find a quiet place, connect your headphones, and set the volume to 50 percent. This is followed by a sound check.


You’ll hear a series of tones at different pitches, and loudness will be presented. Hit the spacebar when you hear the tone.

If you don’t hear it, you’ll tap the button labeled “Not Heard.” Once the test is over, you’ll complete a questionnaire about your hearing history, health insurance, and interest in buying hearing aids. 


Your hearing is rated on a scale from one to five. One is the worst, and five means normal hearing.

The test also provides ear-specific information on how well you can perceive tones in each frequency range, which is helpful for hearing aid programming. Finally, the results suggest a hearing aid model. 


  • User-friendliness: 4/5
  • Report quality: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

hearWHO Hearing Test APP

The hearWHOsoundcheck screening test app was developed by the World Health Organization and the hearX Group.

The hearWHO app isn’t a tone test. Unlike most other tests, it uses digits-in-noise technology.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. The test begins with sound calibration, noise measurement, and headphone check.


The hearWHO hearing test presents 23 digits in background noise to determine your signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and evaluate how well you hear in noisy environments. 


The noise test presents your hearing as a score from 0 to 100. A score below 50 indicates some degree of hearing loss, a score between 50 and 75 suggests that you should check your hearing regularly, and a score of 75+ indicates normal hearing.

The hearWho application is user-friendly, and the test takes 5-10 minutes. 


  • User-friendliness: 5/5
  • Report quality: 4/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5


ReSound is a subsidiary of GN Group, a leading hearing aid manufacturer. You can find a free online hearing test on the ReSound website. 


This three-minute test presents a set of words and numbers in the presence of background noise. When the test taker hears the sound, they select the corresponding picture or number. If you’re using headphones, the ReSound test check will individually check the right and left ears. 


Once the test is complete, you must submit your name and email to view the results. The test result is displayed on a semi-circle scale ranging from “no hearing loss” to “possible hearing loss.”

Below the scale, you will see an estimate of your hearing loss severity. 


  • User-friendliness: 4/5
  • Report quality: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

The hearing test is designed by Stéphane Pigeon, an audio engineer, and professional sound designer. Stéphane emphasizes the importance of sound calibration to increase the accuracy of online hearing tests. 

To calibrate your sound, listen to the calibration audio file using headphones. Take off your headphones and rub your hands together. Adjust the volume to match the loudness of your hands rubbing with the audio file. 


The next section is the hearing test. You will see 12 rows and six columns divided into four sections: almost silent, quiet, louder, very loud. Starting at the top, tap on the green card and move down until you hear a tone.

Repeat this in every column. This will estimate your hearing thresholds across different frequencies.


Once the test is complete, you can view your hearing thresholds at certain frequencies on an audiogram. Frequency-specific information can help a specialist program your hearing aids.

However, the test does not provide information on the overall severity of your hearing loss. 

Tap on “Overlay” to see whether your hearing thresholds fall beyond the level needed to comprehend speech. You can also try the advanced tests to precisely check for hearing loss at low and high frequencies. 


  • User-friendliness: 3.5/5
  • Report quality: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5

Starkey Free Hearing Exam 

Starkey is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They offer a free five-minute online hearing test on their website.

Before you begin, the test asks about scenarios where you have difficulty hearing, such as on the phone or when surrounded by background noise. Once complete, choose whether you will use speakers or headphones and set the volume to 50 percent.


The first part of the test presents various environmental sounds. In this simple test, you must adjust the volume using the slider to find the quietest sounds you can hear.

After you complete each section, a note about the kinds of sounds you can hear will appear on the screen.

The second portion tests your speech comprehension at various levels. After a word is presented, you choose the word you heard.

Once the test is complete, the screen will display a description of your hearing ability. However, the test does not estimate the severity of hearing loss. 


  • User-friendliness: 5/5
  • Report quality: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5

Signia Best Online Hearing Tests

Signia is another leading hearing aid manufacturer. They offer a free online hearing screening test for people aged 18 and above. 

The test begins with a questionnaire about your hearing loss. Once you complete the questionnaire, adjust the volume to 100% and connect your earphones.  


This online hearing test is divided into six parts. First, you are asked to adjust the volume to the loudest level you can listen to without discomfort. Next, you turn the volume down until the speaker is just loud enough to understand.

The last four steps involve setting the volume to the lowest level you can hear.

Signia’s online hearing test is brief but effective. It tests one ear at a time to gain ear-specific information on whether you have significant hearing loss. However, the test does not grade the severity of the hearing loss.  


  • User-friendliness: 4/5
  • Report quality: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5

Did you know that you can get a free hearing test at Costco if you’re a member?

How Online Hearing Tests Work

Online hearing tests play a series of sounds, tones, or speech samples through your computer or mobile device. The test will typically ask you to adjust your volume to a comfortable level and then ask you to listen to a series of tones or speech samples. 

The sounds will be played at different volumes and frequencies, and you will be asked to indicate whether or not you can hear them. The online hearing test will provide a preliminary assessment of your hearing ability based on your responses.

Types of Online Hearing Assessments

Several types of online hearing tests are available, each designed to assess different aspects of your hearing ability. Some of the most common types include:

Pure-tone hearing test

This test involves listening to a series of pure tones at different frequencies and volumes. You will be asked to indicate when you can hear each tone.

Speech-in-noise hearing test

This hearing exam involves listening to speech samples in the presence of background noise. You will be asked to repeat back what you hear, and the test will measure your ability to understand speech in noisy environments.

High-frequency hearing test: This test involves listening to high-frequency tones that are typically associated with early signs of hearing loss.

Headphone calibration test

This hearing check ensures that your headphones or earbuds are calibrated correctly, so you can get accurate test results.

At-Home Hearing Test Benefits

Online tests can offer several benefits to individuals who are concerned about their hearing health. Here are some of the key benefits of taking an online hearing test:

Convenience and accessibility

Online hearing tests provide a convenient and accessible way to monitor your hearing health. They can be taken from anywhere at any time, and you do not need to schedule an appointment or visit a hearing care professional in person. This makes online hearing tests ideal for individuals who may live in remote areas, have mobility issues, or have busy schedules.

Privacy and comfort:

Taking an online hearing test allows you to maintain your privacy and comfort. You can take the test in the privacy of your own home without worrying about others listening in or observing the testing process. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about their hearing ability.

Early detection of hearing loss

Online hearing tests can detect the presence of hearing loss early, which is essential for successful treatment and management by a hearing care clinic. If you have hearing loss, early detection can allow for timely intervention and treatment, which can help preserve your hearing ability and improve your quality of life.


Online hearing tests are typically free and can be a cost-effective way to monitor your hearing challenges. They can save you money on hearing tests, which can be expensive when conducted by a hearing care professional or audiologist. Additionally, online hearing tests can help you determine whether or not you need to seek further evaluation for hearing aids.

Comparison with traditional hearing assessments:

Traditional hearing tests conducted by an Audiologist are considered the gold standard for assessing the level of hearing loss. These tests typically involve a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing ability, including pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, and tympanometry which provide detailed degrees of hearing loss.

Traditional hearing tests are conducted in a controlled, quiet space with specialized equipment and trained professionals trained to give you a medical diagnosis. Audiologists can write hearing aid prescriptions for specific hearing aid models from traditional hearing aid companies. Without this prescription, those experiencing current hearing loss cannot purchase these hearing devices.

While online hearing tests do not replace traditional hearing tests, they can provide a preliminary assessment of your hearing ability.

Research has shown that online hearing tests can be comparable in accuracy to hearing centers hearing tests. A study conducted by the National Acoustic Laboratories found that online hearing tests had a high degree of accuracy in detecting hearing loss. However, the accuracy of online hearing tests can vary depending on several factors.

Accuracy of Your Online Hearing Test

Several factors can affect the accuracy of online hearing tests, including:

  • Background noise: Online hearing tests should be conducted in a quiet environment to avoid background noise, which can interfere with the accuracy of the test results.
  • Equipment calibration: The accuracy of online hearing tests can be affected by the calibration of your headphones or speakers. It is essential to ensure that your equipment is calibrated correctly before taking an online hearing test.
  • User error: User error, such as incorrect volume settings or not responding to the test sounds correct, can affect the accuracy of the test results.
  • Age: Online hearing tests may be less accurate for individuals over the age of 50, as they may have age-related hearing loss that requires more advanced testing.

Limitations of Online Hearing Tests: Why Screening Your Hearing Ability From Home Lacks Important Data.

While online hearing tests can provide a preliminary assessment of your hearing ability, they have several limitations. These include:

  • Screening tool: Online hearing tests are screening tools and should not replace a comprehensive evaluation by a hearing care professional.
  • Limited frequency range: Online hearing tests typically assess a limited range of frequencies and may not detect certain types of hearing loss.
  • No diagnosis: Online hearing tests do not diagnose hearing loss, but they can indicate if further evaluation is necessary.

Online hearing tests can be an accurate way to assess your hearing ability, but their accuracy can be affected by several factors. While online hearing tests can provide a convenient and accessible way to monitor your hearing health, they should not replace a comprehensive evaluation by a hearing care professional. It is essential to consult with a hearing care professional if you have concerns about your hearing ability.

Taking an online hearing test is a simple and convenient way to monitor your hearing health. In this section, we will discuss the steps to take an online hearing test, how to prepare for the test, and tips for accurate results.

In conclusion, taking an online hearing test is a simple and convenient way to monitor your hearing health. To ensure accurate results, choose a reputable online hearing test, take the test in a quiet environment, use headphones or earbuds, and follow the instructions carefully. If you have concerns about your hearing ability, it is important to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with a hearing care professional.


What Are Online Hearing Tests?

Online hearing tests are web or mobile device applications that give people with suspected hearing problems the information they need to decide if they should seek help.

How Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Most online hearing tests are tone tests similar to an audiological exam you would get from a hearing care professional.

You’ll hear tones at various frequencies and volumes played through headphones or your computer speakers. Others use speech sounds or a combination thereof,

Can I Take an Online Test Instead of an Audiological Exam?

Online tests can reliably tell you if you would benefit from hearing aids, but they cannot provide a medical diagnosis.

Hearing clinics have specialized equipment, and an audiologist also has the advanced training to diagnose rare medical causes of hearing loss

When Should I Get a Hearing Test?

Consult a licensed hearing care professional if you notice any typical signs of hearing loss, including the inability to understand phone conversations, loud talking, and listening to devices at excess volume. You should also get tested every one to three years if you are at high risk of hearing loss due to age or noise exposure.

Woman performing a comprehensive hearing evaluation to a patient in a sound treated room.


A free hearing test is a great first step if you suspect hearing loss. They are quick, easy, and provide relatively accurate results.

You have more options than ever, and each online hearing test has a distinctive approach. There’s no commitment, so try a few to find the best online hearing test for your needs. 

If your hearing test results show significant impairment, book an appointment with a hearing professional for early detection and intervention. They can advise you on treatment options like hearing aids or refer you to a physician for medical treatment if necessary.