Hi I’m Garth.

It’s nice to meet you virtually!

Why I’m Writing Here

My personal journey to SenioResources.com

I’ve been a professional writer/blogger in Oregon for the past ten years. I am incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to earn my Bachelor’s degree. There is no question that the experience changed the direction of my life.

My first senior care experience came during high school when I volunteered with my local senior center. There, I learned about the importance of physical activity and nutrition for older adults.

I write to inform seniors and provide actionable answers to their questions. I also write articles for caregivers, family, and friends who support and care for seniors.

I have deep compassion for those helping the aging population through my own personal experiences with my aging family members. With this hands-on experience, I wanted to share my knowledge with more people.

Short Cut to Our Good Stuff

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Hearing Aids

Health & Fitness

Things I love.

The Great Outdoors

When I’m not busy writing for this blog, working, and volunteering, I love exploring Oregon’s diverse landscapes with my wife and dog, Dewey. We enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and just being outdoors.

New Experiences

Travel is a crucial part of my life. It humbles me to experience life in other countries around the world. I hope to live in Europe for an extended period at some point in my life. Maybe Spain?? 🙂

Reach Out!

Don’t be shy! Leave a comment and let me know how I can help you. I love getting feedback and am constantly working to improve our site. Email: garth[at]senioresources.com

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Let me know how I can help you!

Don’t be shy! Leave a comment or just say hi. I love getting feedback and am constantly working to improve.

And Finally…

My Disclaimer

I am in no way providing medical advice. I am sharing my expertise and information that is credibly and responsibly soured. If you have a health question, please consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for advice based on your situation. Please read the full Terms and Conditions.