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When shopping for an outdoor motion activated light, there are many on the market to choose from. So how do you narrow it down?

The best advice is to purchase an outdoor light sensor with a reputation that stands up to all sorts of inclement weather, no matter where you live.

You’ll also want something that gives your property some curb appeal while providing the right lighting and added home security for your front yard. In your backyard, sensor lights will offer a glowing oasis, especially if you have an in-ground pool.

Safety is another reason for installing these lights. Home security camera systems paired with motion sensor lights keep intruders away and offer the security of being able to see where you’re going on your property once the sun goes down.

There are a lot of home security companies that offer wireless security cameras that are a snap to install. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best outdoor motion activated lights on the market today to help you get started.

1. Peel and Stick Lamp Garden Waterproof Wireless Security Bright Motion Sensor

If you love easy installation, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Just peel this sensor light and stick it to any surface, such as siding, brick, stucco, wood, glass, or metal. The wireless light runs on solar energy and is ultra-bright for top-notch security. Also, has a rechargeable battery for extra power. The unit is weatherproof.

2. Smaty Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

Controlled by your smartphone, this outdoor light comes in 16 million colors that you control from your iPad, iPhone, iWatch, Android, etc. It’s the perfect Christmas time outdoor light bulb and is easy to use and install.

3. Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

The results are as high-tech with this modern looking outdoor sensor light. Lightweight and powered by the sun, this motion light adds extra security to your property with cool lighting. A unit is also rechargeable for added power.

4. Mpow Super Bright 8 LED Powered Wireless Security Light

The unit comes in three modes; dim light sensor mode, Strong light sensor mode, and strong long light mode. It’s small and portable as well as easy to install and the strong light covers a large area.

5. Fallbrooke 9″ High Dusk to Dawn Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

For a little-added decor to your property, this outdoor light is stylish as it secures your property. Attaches to the wall and is perfect for outside the garage or garden. Measures 9″ high and 8 1/2″ wide with a beautiful black finish and clear seeded glass.

6. Silver Motion Activated Solar LED Security Light

Small and sophisticated but with the power to light the way and protect your property, this motion light turns on automatically. It illuminates as a floodlight, runs on solar energy, includes a rechargeable battery and installs easily. There is no need to hire someone to install this light for you since there is no wiring involved.

7. Charleston Coach Black Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

The light is great for adding a historical look at your property, while adding security, this outdoor light has a 30-foot range and extends 7″ from the wall. It is easy to install and looks good outside the garage or patio.

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