5 Ways to Prevent Home Burglary

5 Ways to Prevent Home Burglary

Watch What You Post on Social Media

Social media is a great way to share information.It can be a way for burglars to know too much about you and what you have. Some people post photos of their homes and the family. The announce that they are going on vacation telling the time, date and length of time.

Photos can reveal some of the valuable furniture, toys, computer equipment, and cars you own. With Google Maps, a burglar can find your location easily. Social media can be a handy tool for a thief willing to do his research. They can find places and times when you will be away.

For example, college student brags on social media that his family is going to Disney World for two weeks. He posts photos of his new car and the outside of the home.

Social media allows someone to know when your house is empty. An experienced person can plan to rob your home quickly before you return. Watch what you post on social media that means text and photos. Don’t forget your sharing with strangers not just friends. Be discreet about what your reveal.

Install Deadbolt Locks

These types of locks make it harder for a burglar to enter your home. Usually, they come through the front door, and these locks take longer to pick. Install high-quality locks that make it hard for them to be picked.

Exterior locks for your home should be grade one or two when installed. A qualified locksmith can design locks that cannot be picked with a master key like he uses when you lock yourself out. This is often a key that many burglars have.

Close The Garage Door

5 Ways to Prevent Home Burglary

Don’t leave the garage door open for long period of times this is an invitation for a break in. Perhaps you’re forgetful and leave it open overnight or when you take a trip. Make sure the door to the house in the garage are locked.

A burglar will often get into your garage and walk easily into your home if you forgot to close the other door. Don’t leave boxes from an expensive item outside like a plasma TV for long periods of times.

This could signal that you have expensive stuff in your home. Don’t leave an expensive bike or equipment lying on the lawn put it away out of sight. Get blinds or shades for privacy so that outsiders cannot see into your home so easily.

Install Motion Sensors and Home Security Systems

Home security systems often are monitored by companies and often if someone breaks in they call the police. Some have loud alarms that scare people away from the property. No burglar likes loud alarms announcing their arrival.  Motion sensors are light outside the house that suddenly comes on at night when they detect motion. A burglar trying to enter your home does not want lights to come on.

Ask Friends, Family or Neighbors to Watch House When Away

When you will be away for long periods of time ask friends, family or neighbors to take in your mail and watch your house. A close knit neighborhood often prevents crimes from occurring. These people can keep their eye on on any suspicious activities when you are away. Try to ask those that live close to you as this is more convenient for everyone.

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