10 Tips to Prepare For A Long Road Trip


Have The Car Fixed and Serviced

Before you hit the road have your car or truck fixed and serviced. Have the garage do an oil change and check the tires for air and good thread, Make sure the air conditioner is working properly. There is nothing worse that riding in a hot car long distances. Overall have the entire car checked for any problems. You do not want to break down along the way.

Plan Your Travel Route

If you belong to Triple AAA they can provide maps, travel books, and even travel routes for your trips. Triple AAA has online trip tips to help you map your route.

Using a good GPS device in your car and mapping out the route electronically on your cell phone ahead of time makes travel easier. You can print out directions from your computer or tablet ahead of time.

Asking directions when traveling at the hotel or gas station is a good move if you get lost or just don’t know. Local people often can tell you shortcuts and know the area well.

Use Cost Effective Driving Techniques

Drive the speed limit it boosts gas mileage about 5%.  Try to coast to a stop when you have a red light this saves fuel too. Drive earlier in the morning and later in the day. It is cooler and increases the efficiency of gas mileage. There often is less traffic too.

Plan Your Trip On-Off Holiday Seasons

Everything is more expensive near major holidays. This means food, gas, hotel rates, and other services. If you plan a road trip that does not center around a major holiday you will be way ahead of the game when traveling.

Also there will be fewer tourists who often means that visiting major attractions is more enjoyable because they are not overcrowded with tourists.

Pack The Right Clothing for The Season

When you pack for a summer road trip pack lightweight clothing, bathing suits, sunscreen, sunglasses, folding chairs, beach towels, bug repellent, tablets, and cell phones. Stock up on bottled water and snack foods to carry in the car.

You might need some jackets and dress clothing for when you go out to a restaurant or special place. Fall travel requires long-sleeved shirts, pants, jackets, snack foods, etc.

Plan ahead ask yourself what makes you feel comfortable and what do you need? Perhaps a hair dryer, combs, extra tube of toothpaste, games, toys depending on who you are traveling with and where you are going.

Avoid Driving In the Afternoon

The hottest part of the day is in the afternoon. It is often the time of day that there is the most traffic on the road. Driving very early in the morning of later in the evening is often a better time to travel. It is cooler, and there is less traffic.

If you do not have air conditioning,  driving in the hot summer sun in the afternoon can be very tiring and draining. Dusk and dawn are times of less traffic and much cooler temperatures.

Stay Rested and Drive fewer Hours

Make sure that you and your family get enough sleep at night. Do not drive 14 hours in a row to get to your destination. Drive in 5 or 6-hour intervals and stop to eat and rest. It is better to take more time than having an accident due to exhaustion.

Eat healthy meals and snacks

Buy healthy snacks like popcorn, fruit, yogurt, or nuts for travel. When you stop for a meal order lean meat, poultry, vegetables, pasta, and low calories desserts. Often when you eat healthily you have fewer travel illnesses that often occur from over-indulging in food and drink.

Bring Supplies to Entertain Yourself

This means books to read, computer tablets to work on,  knitting, quilting, video games, and other supplies to make the long trip less boring at times. Before leaving make a list of hobbies that you can bring along on the trip.

Get Some Time Alone

If you’re staying at a hotel with family or friends, this might mean saying your going out for a short walk or to smoke alone. Getting some space from your travel companions is a good idea.

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